My Top 5 Bridal Bodices

November, 2021

My Top 5 Bridal Bodices


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As I sit down to write this article it is difficult to concentrate, as the exciting news of abducted 4-year-old Cleo Smith being found, is just so exhilarating! 🙌  It’s times like these that reminds us that the most important things in our lives, are the relationships with our LOVED ONES! 🥰 However, I will re-focus and chat to you today about my top 5 bridal bodices, explaining each of their characteristics and benefits for you as a bride.

  1. Corset
  2. Cami
  3. Princess Line
  4. Draped
  5. Blouson

Once you have chosen the style or silhouette of your ideal wedding dress, there are a few areas you can play with when refining the design.

If you are choosing to create your wedding dress/outfit with a Designer, then you have the flexibility with which style of bodice is best for you. If you’re more comfortable choosing a RTW (off the rack) wedding dress it is still helpful when walking into a Bridal shop to know where to start, or it can seem overwhelming! So, let’s get into it…

Corset Bodice

Elle lace-up bodice $1350 Diana skirt $1950

The CORSET is by far the most popular bodice style, as it is the most flattering for most body shapes.It is boned and lined (often with several layers) with moulded cups fitted into the lining, giving maximum support for the bustline so that no bra is necessary.

This benefits brides with a larger/heavier bust or smaller bust (as the smaller bust shape can be enhanced) and brides that want their waistline to be cinched in. The corset can be used with most necklines such as strapless, off-the-shoulder, A-symmetrical, V-neck, sweetheart, etc. It can be made as an obvious corset style or as a base layer for a draped style (see more below).

Fastening of the corset can be with a zip, clips or the more traditional “lace-up” back, it simply comes down to personal preference. TIP: the lace-up option does allow room for slight weight loss/gain which can be beneficial for brides that are not at their target weight when choosing their wedding dress.

Camisole Bodice

The CAMI or Camisole bodice is possibly the opposite of the corset, softly draping across the bust, with little structure and no boning or cups. It is often made in a soft and luxurious silk, which lends itself to this simple but elegant style. The Cami can be made with either thin or wide straps and for the more fitted styles is cut on the bias which gives it a bit of a stretch when using woven (non-stretch) fabrics. TIP: I would recommend this style for the bride that loves the loose and more relaxed feel.

Princess Line Bodice

jrw bridal separates Collections skirt with pockets no lace

The PRINCESS LINE bodice features front seams running from the shoulder or neckline, down across the bustline and into the waist. These seams can stop at the waist seam or continue into the lines of the skirt if there is no waist seam. The great advantage of this style is the seamlines allow for great definition of the shape, from very fitted to a more relaxed fit. Soft boning can be used along the front seams to enhance the structure and definition of this bodice. TIP: This is a great choice if you’re not sold on the tight fit of the corset but love the shape and definition that it can give.

JRW BRidal Draped bodice illustration Draped Bodice illustration JRW Bridal

Draped Bodice

The DRAPED bodice is mostly created over a corset or fitted base so that the draping is held securely in place, to keep its shape and style. Draping has been used over the centuries to give elegant lines to woman’s fashion and is great for hourglass figures but is particularly flattering for figures that need the illusion of a smaller waist or hipline. The lines of the draping help to create this illusion in a stylish and feminine manner if used correctly. TIP: The lines of the drape are best at an angle to create a smaller waistline or disguise a wider hip.

JRW Bridal Blouson Bodice illustration

Blouson Bodice

The BLOUSON bodice billows out over the torso and is fitted at the waist with either a seam, elastic, belt, or waistband. This helps to define the waist and works well with a full or fitted skirt. It is comfortable, flatters almost every body shape and lends itself to the more BOHO style wedding dresses. Tip: If you’re wanting a relaxed feel that won’t cling to any lumps or bumps then this is a great option for you but be sure to choose the best quality fabric you can afford.

If you’d love to know more about the benefits and characteristics of bridal bodices, and which one is right for you, simply leave a comment or send me an email here.

Looking forward to chatting to you next month about different wedding dress silhouettes for your figure, stay safe and keep smiling!

With love, Joanne xx

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