How to have a Sustainable Wedding

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Tips on how to have a Sustainable Wedding

Nowadays, we become more mindful of how much waste we produce in our everyday activities. While celebrations and other social gatherings are almost second nature to us, we cannot help but think of how much waste celebrations generate, from food, decor items, to other expenses.

What does it mean to be sustainable? And how do we lessen our carbon footprint, even in planning celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, and other events? Ethical weddings, or sustainable weddings have become a buzzword, but how do we actually plan it?

There is no single definition of ethical weddings or “green” weddings or celebrations. But generally, being sustainable means taking into consideration where you source your products, how much you spend, and how much waste you are trying to eliminate.

Here are some tips on how you can plan an eco-friendly wedding using these budget tips and sustainable decor ideas.

1. Eliminate excessive food waste

Have your wedding planner sit with you and work carefully on a food budget. Opt for an assisted buffet-style reception where staff can offer food in smaller portions, and guests can just go for seconds. This way, you can eliminate leftovers from guests.

You may also opt to skip the buffet and have meals served by the plate. This will also ensure that food is not wasted, even if you plan to have a bigger wedding. While you might need to increase the budget for food for a medium or large-scale wedding reception, you wouldn’t have to worry about so much food waste after the event.

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2. Go for an outdoor wedding

Outdoor weddings at daytime instantly eliminates the need for air conditioning, artificial lighting, and the need for too much electricity. Check for wedding venues that offer natural light and ventilation. Open air venues are also easy to decorate. A wedding arch for your backdrop is always a great option and decorate it with reusable linen and floral arrangements.

3. Find locally sourced decorations and giveaways

Use wedding decorations and giveaways that are available in your area. Locally produced goods from small businesses are more sustainable and easier to access. If you do not have nearby stores, opt for companies that provide responsibly sourced products, especially for your event linens, decorations and even wedding favours. Wrap giveaways in reusable table napkins or recycled paper for less waste.

Fresh flowers are a fabulous option, but if you do not have access to such, faux flowers are a great alternative. They are affordable, reusable, and easy to clean and store for your next celebrations. Perth brides, I highly recommend that you chat to Kerri at Chandelabra Weddings for your florals!

4. Limit your guest list

If you wish to spend less and waste less on your wedding day, opt for a small gathering with only a few guests. Make the day extra special and intimate by having only your closest family and friends on your wedding day.

Plan a destination wedding or have a micro-wedding, where you only invite witnesses to your wedding. This way, you get to have a low-key yet romantic wedding day, without all the preparations and the waste after.

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5. Source a sustainably made bridal attire

Your bridal gown can be a large part of your Wedding Day investment. So be sure to choose carefully when looking at Ready-To-Wear (RTW) options choose the brands that make to order, as this is more sustainable than ones that are mass produced in the hundreds. The best option would be a one-off, made-to-measure Custom outfit as there is very little wastage and impact on the environment.

Here are a few of our beautifully sustainable RTW options 2022 bridal collections for lovely and elegant yet budget-friendly and environmentally- friendly wedding gowns.

6. Get your wedding guests to be eco-friendly, too 

A sustainable lifestyle is an everyday commitment, and it does not end on your wedding day. Inspire your guests to do the same in simple ways, such as registering for an eco-friendly gift registry.

Find items that you will truly need for your new life together, or opt for registries that allow crowdfunding, that is, a number of guests can share the payment for the total amount of items you have chosen. This way, they do not feel the pressure to give expensive gifts that will just be stuck in your storage for a long time.

Another option is to have a charity where guests could donate to, instead of giving you wedding presents. This way, you get to share your celebration with those in need.

7. Have a paperless celebration

Instead of sending out printed invitations, send out electronic invitations via social media or email. You can also send out a separate save-the-date invitation via email, and then have a limited number of printed programme schedules for guests on the day of the event.

For this I highly recommend Lala Designs for all your wedding stationery.

8. Opt for lab-grown diamond jewellery

Lab-grown diamonds have been a going trend because not only it offers the same sparkle and glam for a slightly more affordable price, but it is deemed more sustainable than mined diamonds which costs more to produce and poses greater environmental damage.

You may want to consider laboratory-grown diamonds for your engagement ring and wedding bands. After all, while diamonds symbolize elegance and social status, what should matter more is what these rings symbolize- a promise of love and a lifelong commitment to your partnership; and nothing is more valuable than that.

I can highly recommend Tracy Fryer Jewellery Designer for those couples that love the idea of custom designs from an ethical and sustainable designer.

I’d love to hear from you if you enjoyed this blog and what you’d love to know more about in the coming months?

Fondly, Jo 🤗

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