3 Tips on how to be the most beautiful YOU on your wedding day

How to be the most beautiful YOU on your wedding day…

JRW Custom bride Louise Fit & Flare couture JRW wedding dress

JRW Custom bride Louise

The excitement of being engaged has begun to settle down and now you’re faced with the daunting task of planning your entire wedding! You probably haven’t had to do this before, so it can feel quite overwhelming. You also don’t want to be one of those brides that is awkward and uncomfortable in her dress as she walks down the aisle. Let me help you with a few tips on how to be the most beautiful YOU on your wedding day!

Where to begin…

The first big items to tick off your wedding planning list with your partner, would be your wedding theme, vibe, and investment $$$ level. From here you begin your research on your perfect venue, and I suggest that you have a short list of at least 3, in case you’re first choice isn’t available on the date you want. Once you’ve secured your venue, the next step would be to book your photographer/videographer, celebrant and of course your wedding dress!

This is where I really love to help! Having worked with brides for well over 10 years (with 13 years prior in luxury lingerie), I’m always amazed at how some brides are attracted to the wrong styles. I suggest you begin with selecting images of dresses that you absolutely love and just note down what elements of each dress really excites you, such as:

  • the shape or silhouette
  • the lace and fabric
  • the sleeve
  • the front neckline
  • the back details
  • waistlines, etc.

This is easy to do on a Pinterest board or screenshots from Instagram. Next create a file with all your favourite styles, saving each one under the element that you love, i.e., the lace/style, etc.

Bridal lace

Ready to Wear vs Custom Wedding Dresses

If you are more comfortable with the ‘ready to wear’ (RTW) wedding dress options, arriving at the store with an idea of what styles you love will give you the most out of your hour’s appointment. Be open to suggestions from your bridal stylist but also be aware that not all stylists are properly trained! If you are given advice that you know is more about the sale then about YOU, I would suggest you find a different store!

A stylist should know which silhouettes will be best for your figure. This really is a critical element when choosing your best wedding dress! It’s critical for feeling your most beautiful and it will give you the confidence as you step out in front of all your nearest and dearest on your Big Day!

However, if you’re not wanting to go for the more traditional bridal styles or are after something more unique and reflective of your inner essence, then custom designs will be perfect for you!

JRW Bridal Custom Design Lauren blue wedding dress

JRW Custom – Lauren’s blue Princess wedding dress.

Choose wisely

Choosing the right Bridal Designer is like finding the perfect shop stylist! It’s imperative that you ‘click’ with the person who needs to see into your soul to create the dress of your dreams! It is an exciting and lengthy process, so you really need to be sure that the dynamics between you and your Designer are on point.

I always begin a wedding dress journey in a ‘meet and greet’ session, this way both the bride and I can decide if we want to work together. If the dynamics are right, the process is fun and easy! It should be uplifting, invigorating, and truly exciting!

In the words of my custom bride, “Jo was so great to work with from start to finish with the design of my dream wedding dress. She knew exactly what I wanted and what design would complement my body shape! I absolutely loved wearing my dress on my wedding day and can’t thank Jo enough for the whole process .”

– Hannah

As with your bridal stylist in store, be sure that the Designer you choose is trained and knowledgeable in which styles are best for your particular body shape. If you are blessed with the perfect Hourglass figure, then it will be a bit easier for you than if you are blessed with the Pear, Apple, Rectangular or Inverted triangle body shape.

There are many ways of designing for each of these body shapes in a way to enhance and flatter, little tricks of the trade that not all designers know! Designing for a RTW collection requires a lot less wisdom than designing Custom wedding dresses.

There are couple of reasons that could explain why this is so:

  • most designers will design to a standard size 8 model, as this assists with the average model for the photo shoots, that will be required
  • when studying fashion design most courses do not include assignments on dressing/styling to your body shape, and is normally studied as a separate course

So do you research on which Custom Designers have a great track record, great customer reviews and the brides always look amazing! Like with any profession, you get the good, the bad and the ugly, in the fashion industry. So, choose wisely!

Over the last couple of years, I have been able to offer some highly successful, online consulting, design, and styling sessions. The miles are no longer a problem and with the help of Zoom meetings. It’s been such a pleasure to help many brides identify which style will give them the confidence and make them feel beautiful in their most authentic way!

If you have been to several bridal shops and still are left feeling frustrated and confused, then I would be very happy to chat to you over a Zoom meeting. We can unlock not only your inspiration but also guide you in either choosing a RTW outfit or designing the most perfect one for you.

I’d love to hear in the comments if you enjoyed this blog and what you’d love to know more about in the coming months?

Fondly, Jo xx

Passionate about making dreams come true!

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