Everything You Need to Know About Creating A Bespoke Wedding Dress

Everything You Need to Know About Creating A Bespoke Wedding Dress

A bespoke dress is totally designed from start to finish. It’s a unique design created for that one person and it’s designed and made to the bride’s body, incorporating the special details they love.

JRW Custom bride Louise Fit & Flare couture JRW wedding dress JRW Custom bride Louise

How to know if Bespoke is for you?

Where it begins

If you have a vision of your perfect wedding outfit and know how you want to look when you walk down the aisle, or you’re feeling frustrated after several bridal shop visits, then creating a bespoke wedding dress is something you need to consider!

Sentimental touches

During the initial appointment with your designer, you will go through your inspiration and elements that you want to incorporate in your outfit. Your designer will then be able to direct you in the best silhouette for your figure and add any personal elements that you’re thinking of. I recently matched a bride’s lace to the lace on her Mum’s 30-year-old veil, which brought in a wonderfully sentimental touch on her wedding day! (See image below).


Your skin tone will be perfectly matched to the colour of your outfit, ensuring that it is totally right for you, which is not always an option with RTW Bridal.

Bespoke mikado silk wedding dress JRW Bridal Bespoke wedding dress JRW Bridal – Angela

The Design

The design stage is one of the most exciting as you see your vision and inspiration start to take form. As a visual person I am able to see the outfit in it’s final stages but if you’re not, then you need to trust me or your Designer, as we take you into the production phase.

The fabrics

Before we begin to pattern-make, we’ll select the best fabrics for your unique design. Fabrics have their own unique behaviour, so you once again need to trust your Designer to choose the most perfect fabrics to suit your style and investment level.

Pure silk fabrics are my favourite to work with! They’re breathable in hot weather and have thermal properties in cold weather, as well as being eco and environmentally friendly.

 I love to offer my brides the opportunity to be as involved as they want to be throughout the entire process and can even design their own lace or beadwork with me. Embroidered initials or names in the veil adds a personal touch and can be handed down as a family heirloom for generations to come. How special is that?

As you can see bespoke wedding outfits can be incredibly unique and personal and that’s one of the reasons why they attract a higher price tag! A bespoke piece is generally never recreated and therefore needs to absorb all pattern making and production costs. The entire wedding dress journey is incredibly rewarding and uplifting, adding to the entire wedding planning experience.


Bespoke wedding dress design Michaela Bespoke wedding dress design Michaela

Lace placement

If you opt for lace elements in your design, you can also be involved during the lace placement stage if this excites you! Each lace element is laser cut and appliquéd into position to achieve the desired final look. This is technique is mostly used for bodices and sleeves, as well as the trickled effect on the skirts. Fine lace layers are sometimes used underneath the top appliqué layer to create more texture.

bespoke wedding dress JRW Bridal Natasha bespoke wedding dress JRW Bridal

The Investment for a Bespoke wedding outfit

Each Designer will vary with their pricing, but I like to offer a 2-tier system investment level for my brides. My Pearl Label ranges from $4000 – $6000 and my Diamond Label from $6000. If you’d love to chat about your vision and dream wedding outfit, simply click on the link below to book in an initial Zoom (for my international brides) or Studio appointment and let’s discover a little more about how to make your dreams come true!

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I’d love to hear of this has helped you understand ‘Bespoke’ creations a little more or comment below if there’s something else about your “wedding dress journey’ that you’d love explained!

With love,

Jo xx

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