What you should know about JRW Custom Wedding Gowns…

How to step out in confidence on your Wedding day!

Rebecca rang me recently, about Custom gowns and the services that I offer. She was finding the whole “Wedding Dress Shopping” very stressful! Rebecca wanted to know;

    • What’s her ideal gown?
    • How long does it take to make a customised gown?
    • Which fabrics and colours will flatter her the most?
    • Would it matter if she isn’t at her ideal weight right now?
    • Who would be responsible for any final alterations or adjustments, if she dropped the weight she planned to?
    • What financial investment would she need and do I offer a payment plan?

Deciding whether to go for a Custom or RTW (Ready to Wear) Wedding Dress, can seem a bit confusing, if you don’t really know what is involved. Sound vaguely familiar? Love to know more? Just take a few minutes to read on, as I walk you through our Customised Design process at JRW Bridal & Couture.

Here’s what you need to know about our Couture/Custom process…

Often, all you have to go on is what a friend or sister has been through on their wedding dress journey and yet their journey is not your journey! You want to feel fabulous and beautiful when you walk down the aisle to meet the love of your life, right? But how do you really know what style is going to tick all boxes and give you goosebumps? This is why, when we first start chatting about the ‘look’ and ‘vibe’ you are after, we take into account your body shape and proportions as well; to be sure which styles & fabrics are perfect for you! This way you will feel radiant and confident as you step out on your Wedding Day, in front of all your loved ones and besties!

Step 1…

Custom Bridal DesignFirstly, I like to have a ‘Discovery call‘ soon after you have booked the date and venue; as this gives us a realistic time frame to work to. We chat about any inspirations that you may have collected along the way or images of gowns that you may have already tried on! At this stage, I listen and you talk about your ‘dress dreams’ and stress points!

Step 2…

Secondly, if we ‘click’ and decide we’d love to work together to create your perfect wedding dress, then we proceed to the Design Stage. During this time, I will illustrate a gown (or two) that incorporates all of your inspirations; tailored to flatter and enhance you in the most unbelievable way! Woohoo, how exciting is that!

Bespoke bridal design wedding gown, paper doll system, jrw bride, design your own wedding dress
JRW “Paper Doll System”

The right silhouette, shade and fabric textures, all in one beautiful masterpiece! You are able to make changes and tweak it until you are 100% happy & feeling the goosebumps!

As an extra bonus, I have developed a unique “Paper Doll System” whereby I transpose the illustration onto a photo of you; giving you a “virtual try-on” in your bespoke gown. Designed specifically for you and no-one else!

– Getting started relieves a huge amount of stress, knowing that you are one step closer to your perfect dress and in safe hands, allowing you to sleep well at night!

Step 3…

Thirdly, once you have signed off on the design, we go into the production stage (7-8 months); allowing you to be as involved as you want to be (I find this varies with each bride). Partnered with my 10+ years of experience, expert and professional eye, I achieve exceptional 5* ratings with all of my brides!

As Custom bride, Courtney recently said, “Joanne has been beyond incredible designing my perfect wedding dress! In just a few short conversations she has pulled an idea out of my head and put it onto paper and soon to work! I can’t wait to go through this journey with Joanne.”

The Fittings…

Lastly, it’s time for Prosecco and the first fitting,preferably 3-4 months before the big day! I personally do all of your fittings and any alterations or adjustments that may be required due to any weight loss (pretty normal in the last few weeks). So that you can be rest assured your gown will fit you absolutely perfectly on your Wedding Day!

JRW review - Jess

Feeling the excitement of our Custom Couture Gown journey? Needing more direction knowing what your perfect gown looks like, or  do you have a vision in your head that you’d absolutely love to create? If so, I would love to chat more and give you confidence  to look your BEST on your Wedding Day! Go ahead and book for your FREE ‘Discovery call’. (Click on the link below)

Let’s chat!

“Take the Stress out of the Dress!”Joanne Ross Wells.

Joanne Ross Wells

Joanne Ross Wells

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