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Designing your dream dress @jrwbridal

Being involved in the design process of your wedding dress adds a new element to your special day! It brings with it the essence of who you are and personalises it to a deeper level. The photographs capture this essence and your memories of the day and dress will always remain with you!

The first step is booking in for a Design Consultation (currently a FREE PROMO) to go over all of your thoughts & inspirations. Within an hour I will have a sketch of the  initial design which will be open for changes for a few weeks until we begin the production of your dream wedding dress.

wedding dress design
Jenna’s Illustration
Lace wedding gown, low back
lace wedding dress low back

This is a taste of  Jenna’s process and a snippet of her review of the process…

Joanne saved me so much time, stress and money when she helped me to create the dress of my dreams! I felt so comfortable and completely at ease during the whole process of the design and tailoring. Joanne understood my idea and what I was looking for which was a dress that was elegant, intricate in detail but not heavy and layered like most shop dresses I had already tried on and she was able to recreate it, not only on paper but into the most beautiful final product, a dress that could have been in any top couture catalogue from around the world!”  (full review on the website).

I am passionate about what I do and love to create new & unique gowns with each client. I encourage those of you that are interested to take the first step in booking your free Design Consultation sooner rather than later!

Yours in design,


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