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The Wedding Dress that’s just right for you!

When it comes to deciding on the perfect dress for your perfect and magical day, there are so many things to consider – the overall look and style, the fabric, the length, the neckline…..Choosing your wedding dress can be a daunting and overwhelming process! Don’t stress, there are so many tips to guide you in the right direction. Sit back, relax & read on for my 3rd blog on body shapes, focusing on the “Rectangle shape” today!

woman body shapes
Female Body Shapes

Ultimately you want to shine and radiate as you walk down the aisle. After all, you are the bride, the queen of the ball and your dress is what all your guests and loved ones are eagerly awaiting, but how much do you know when it comes to finding the best dress for you? A dress that may look gorgeous on your best friend may not be flattering on you and vice versa. We all have different shaped bodies, all of which are unapologetically beautiful.  Determining your body shape is the first step to finding the best wedding dress style for you.

Are you a Rectangular Body Shape?

Knowing your body shape is a great starting point when deciding on your ideal silhouette for your Wedding Gown. If your bust and hip are a similar measurement with your waist ranging only 2-20cm smaller then you fit into the square/rectangular body shape category.

As a rectangular shape myself, I have always done a lot of research for the best ways to flatter this particular shape. Take heart, some famous females with rectangle body shapes include Natalie Portman, Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman and Gwen Stefani.

There are 5 different body shapes and 5 different styles of dresses, but a particular dress style may not pair well with a particular body shape. As a bridal designer, I want you to look your best on your special day, and I will guide you in helping you achieve an outstanding dress for you to wow your guests as you swoop down the aisle to meet your partner.

Bridal body shapes
5 Bridal Silhouettes

A few bridal tips for a rectangle-shaped body!

Create curves. Go for scoop-neck and sweetheart tops which help create curves.

Halter necks and A-symmetrical shoulder details all help to create a more curvy shape.

Fuller busts can opt for a lower neckline.

Smaller busts with this body shape can benefit from a higher or halter neckline, cleverly paired with a stunning low back.

Narrow Rectangle as the more athletic body shape you can create more curves by choosing an A-line or Ballgown skirt.

Smaller busts with this body shape can benefit from a higher or halter neckline, cleverly paired with a stunning low back.

A belt around your waist also creates more of an hourglass figure.

Layer it up. Layering on the skirt or bodice adds more dimensions to a rectangle body shape.

I can help you choose the correct silhouette for your particular body shape and this will eliminate any fear or doubt of “will it suit me?” in your head. This can worry some brides when starting with a blank canvas, but I am able to advise in a professional capacity, that not only eases your mind, but also your Mum and any over-helpful bridesmaids! When you book your design consultation with me,  we will discuss this and all the other elements you may be considering for your perfect wedding dress.

Till next time, stay true to yourself, always!



Joanne Ross Wells

Joanne Ross Wells

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