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Knowing your body shape will help you in choosing the ideal gown for you! There are so many different sites out there to help you and I found Pinterest to have the most to choose from i.e.

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Leslie has a great quiz to get you close to knowing the shape that best describes you, however we don’t all fit into just one category. I have found that our proportions also play a huge part in what works and what doesn’t. So, to sharpen up my skills I went on a great workshop recently with the wonderful Karin Davidson at Perth Image Consulting. Karin confirmed that our proportions are even more responsible for matching up the perfect gown than our bodyshape!

To keep things as simple as I can here is another image that can guide you

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The gowns in the illustration are a bit outdated but it will give you a base to work from. A huge part of what I do when designing bespoke gowns is ensuring that the gown is right for the bride and not the other way around! For you to feel your best you need to get the basic silhouette right and then the rest can be filled in with the colours, fabrics & textures of your choice. On my next blog we will look at each shape more closely with some modern examples of gowns & fabrics that are currently trending.

Until then take care & keep smiling, as each day we have is precious – Joanne

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