Choosing the right gown for your body shape

Welcome to 2019 and all that it has to offer! My year began with a nasty car accident that was not our fault but was a real reminder of how precious each day is!

At the start of a new year we often set ourselves new goals and have big ambitions to achieve them all! This is good and we must try to maintain our enthusiasm throughout the year but be sure to not miss out on the most essential things in life! For me this is my relationships with family and friends, the jewels in my treasure box of life! I bring my passion for life and relationships into my work when dealing with my clients. This adds a warm and personal touch to the design and fitting experience of getting your gown created at JRW Bridal.

One of the topics that I would like to focus on for my clients/readers in 2019, is choosing the right gown for your body shape. By starting with the correct silhouette for your particular shape it eliminates the fear of “will it suit me?” This can worry some brides when starting with a blank canvas. I am able to advise in a professional capacity, that not only eases the bride’s mind, but also the mum and any over-helpful bridesmaids!

The first step of this process is to identify your body shape. There are a few little secrets that I have learnt in my progressive career as a Fashion Designer about body proportions that add a little extra dimension to it all and this is offered to my clients during the design consultation.

In the next blog I will be focusing on which gowns best suit which body shapes and a few other helpful hints to guide you to choosing the perfect silhouette for your dream dress.

Until then, stay happy and keep safe!

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Joanne Ross Wells

Joanne Ross Wells

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