5 Popular Bridal Styles explained

December, 2021

 Bridal Styles for your Body Shape


Hello December! 🤗 I love December and all the festivities it brings with it! I have the first of 5 Christmas parties to go to tonight and I just love the JOY that it brings with it! As well as the excitement of the engagement season! 💍

So, to wrap up this short series of blogs, I will chat to you today about the most popular bridal styles and which body shapes they flatter the most!

I hope you enjoy the read as much as I enjoy sharing it with you!

The Ballgown

Blue JRW Custom Wedding Dress – Roman International Photography

The Ballgown or Princess style is for the bride that loves the romance of a fairy tale wedding.

The bodice is mostly fitted and the skirt is generally a full ballgown shape with crinoline petticoats underneath to give it the necessary volume. A hoop petticoat can also be worn to make it easier for you as you walk down the aisle, as it keeps the skirt off your legs.

TIP: This style can be worn by the Hourglass, Rectangle, Pear and Inverted V, body shapes. It should be avoided by the Apple shape and the more petite bride if your objective is to create more length or height to your wedding look.

The Sheath

JRW Silk 3-piece wedding outfit with optional puff sleeves and choker

The Sheath silhouette is one of the more classic bridal looks and can come in many different forms, but in a nutshell, it is simply straight up and down. It is often shaped in at the waistline and mostly found in the plain fabrics such as crepes and silk satin, as seen in our 3-piece bridal outfit above.

This style also looks great with a high neckline and super low back to add a bit more drama to the overall look. Its aim is “less is more” and creates a very elegant, timeless, and sophisticated touch.

TIP: I would recommend this style for the PETITE bride to create the illusion of length.

The A-Line

JRW Bridal Separates Collection JRW Bridal Separates Collection Grace Bodice & Skirt $2450.

The A-Line Silhouette is the gentle version of the more theatrical Princess style and is often for the more conservative bride.

It is possibly one of the most popular styles as it works for most of the body shapes including, the Hourglass, Rectangle, Pear and Inverted V.

TIP: This is the safer option for the Petite bride with a Pear shape, as opposed to the Princess style, especially if it is a gentle A-Line.

The Mermaid

JRW Bridal Separates Collection 2022 JRW Bridal Separates Collection 2022

The Mermaid is the more dramatic of the fitted styles with the lower part of the skirt being more flared, and the top of the skirt being very fitted through the thigh area.

This is fabulous on the Hourglass figure but may be too much for the Pear shape. I would say that a Rectangle body shape could wear this style if a belt or sash are used to create the illusion of a smaller waist.

Tip: If you’re wanting a relaxed feel then this is NOT a great option for you. 🤗

The Fit & Flare

JRW Couture Bride – Louise

The Fit & Flare is exactly that! Fitted to the mid-thigh before it gently flares out to the hemline. This style is gentler on the hips than the mermaid style and is therefore more forgiving if you are slightly conscious of your hips but love the more figure-hugging styles.

This silhouette is fantastic on an Hourglass and Petite bride. If you’re a Pear shape, you can wear this if you create width over your shoulders to give the illusion of a more hourglass balance. If you’re a Rectangular shape you can wear this and create a smaller waist with a belt or sash.

TIP: This is not the best style for you if are worried about a few bulges here and there! 😉

If you’d love to know more about the benefits and characteristics of the different bridal styles, and which one is right for you, simply leave a comment or send me an email here.

Looking forward to chatting to you next month about different wedding dress silhouettes for your figure, stay safe and keep smiling!

With love, Joanne xx

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