4 Photoshoot Essentials for your Wedding Day

-April 2022-

We all know that selecting your photographer for the BIG day is critical in getting the look and vibe that you are after! This month I am delighted to collaborate with Simona Janek once again. Read on for her 4 top photoshoot essentials for ensuring beautiful wedding day photographs, that will last a lifetime!

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Photoshoot Essentials: Here’s What to Know

by Simona Janek

Capturing your wedding day through wedding photography is crucial. Not only does it have the power of telling the beautiful story of one of the biggest days of your life, but it will also immortalise the precious memories that will take place. That way, you can share those treasured instances with your family and friends. Also, with the generations to come.

Having a wedding photoshoot can be exciting, but at the same time, it can also be daunting, especially if you do not know where to start. Hence, allow us to walk you through the most crucial elements that you will need in manifesting a great wedding photography session.

  1. Theme

A wedding theme will set the tone of your nuptials. It guides the story of how your photographs will be curated into an exceptional collection of shots. With a myriad of styles and concepts to choose from, the choices can be overwhelming. However, it does not always have to be that way. 

Perhaps you and your fiance are nature lovers fond of hiking or going to the beach. You can always anchor your photographs with natural elements or with earth tones. Else, elements of romance such as florals, pastels, and delicate lighting speak to you. Vintage, bohemian, modern, and nautical are impressive choices, too. Just make sure to stick with the one that speaks for you as a couple and as individuals.

  1. Location

While the theme sets the tone of your photographs, the location or venue often makes it. You can look your best wherever you go. However, the surrounding environment is fixed or allows only minimal modifications. Most importantly, it gives your pictures the look and feel of the brand or vibe you want to convey. Hence, dictating how stunning your photos will ultimately end up looking.

Choose a location that reflects your and your fiancé’s personalities as a couple. This can go anything between magical, with hidden rooms, bookcases, and gargoyles, or classical, with sculptures and other pieces of classical art. Else, you can bask in the sun at a sandy beach or find refuge in the entrance of a leafy tropical forest. As long as you are with your other half and both of you commit to a place that shows a bit of your soul, nothing can go wrong!

  1. Attire

As the bride, you will have the outfit that will be the highlight of the day. But you should coordinate it with your significant others’ and your bridal party’s, and, of course, your wedding theme and photoshoot venue.

Whether you are going for the classic white or a non-neutral coloured gown, you can always have yours customised in the way you want. 

With Joanne Ross Wells Bridal and Couture, indulge yourself with the freedom of unleashing the creativity in you. Genuinely enthralled by every woman’s individuality and body shape, Joanne takes the time to connect and collaborate with every bride to create the bridal gown of their dreams. If you want to work with someone who is deeply devoted to making the wedding gown you can proudly flaunt on the most special day of your life, visit her studio. 

  1. Hair and Makeup

It is always wise to hire a professional wedding hair and makeup artist for completing your overall wedding look. With one, not only will you achieve a look that enhances your natural features and goes well with every aspect of your event and photoshoot. Aside from these, you will experience pre-aisle pampering before you face the spotlight.

Are you trying to find a professional hair and makeup stylist who will make your hair and features that captivates at every angle? Look no more. As an HMU artist, slash photographer, slash model herself, Simona Janek unfailingly gives brides picture-perfect looks that match their genuine selves. 

With Joanne and Simona, you will slay the best bridal look while feeling your best self. All you will need to do is pose and smile.

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