3 Tips for choosing your perfect Make-up Artist

Tips for choosing the perfect Make-up Artist for your Special Event

-February 2022-

Planning your wedding is no easy feat, so helpful advice to get you started is truly valuable, right? Last month I focused on the first 5 wedding suppliers you need to lock in and today I will focus on the next tier of planning your wedding to get the best possible results on the BIG day! “Tips for choosing your perfect make-up artist.”

As a woman in business I love to network and support other women in business and as a special treat this month (the month of LOVE❤️) I will be featuring an inspiring fellow ‘woman in business’!

Simona Janek is a successful, Sydney based, ‘Portrait Couture’ artist. She has combined her love and expertise in makeup artistry and hair styling with her passion and skills in professional portrait photography.

Simona and I share the same vision and passion when working with woman…

“I love to guide you to achieve the exact look you desire whilst still remaining true to your personal style, be it glamorous, classic, beachy or vintage. I believe that you still need to look and feel like you. Together we can create a more polished version of you… bringing your best features forward.” – Simona Janek

So make a cuppa or grab a glass of your favourite drink and take 5 minutes to hear directly from Simona how to choose your perfect make-up artist for your BIG day!

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Tips in Choosing the Perfect Make-up Artist for Your Event

-Simona Janek-

People nowadays like to search the internet for help when doing certain things, and one of the most popular searches up until now is how to put on make-up on yourself. But there are just some events that need the help of an expert, don’t you think?

Weddings, graduations, proms, and other special events require the need for a professional make-up artist so we can look the best versions of ourselves.

A professional make-up artist knows how to emphasize your strongest features and bring out the most aesthetic look on your face. That also includes glamming you up for your big day no matter what the event is.

In this article, we will show you a few things you need to consider when choosing the right make-up artist for your event.

Why Do We Need a Make-up Artist?

Even though we know a thing or two about make-up, nothing still beats the work of a veteran make-up artist. For one, make-up artists know which stroke of the brush or what shade of lipstick suits you best.

However, on some occasions, one mistake from a make-up artist can ruin your big day. We have seen brides fuming during their wedding day because their mascara keeps on smudging their face, or debutants getting traumatized on their birthday because they have too much foundation on.

Sometimes, other make-up artists don’t know what they’re doing. That’s why it’s very important to choose a make-up artist that is skilled, trustworthy, and always on-point to avoid experiencing problems on your day.

But before that, here is a simple guide to help you choose the right make-up artist to work with.

Choosing the Right Make-up Artist for You

#1 Skill Level

This is the first thing you should always look for when choosing a make-up artist. A make-up artists’ reputation depends on their skill level.

You should always remember to check a make-up artist’s portfolio before working with them so you can see if their work suits your type.

The skill level of a make-up artist can be seen in their application, the way they treat their clients, and how versatile they are in pulling off different looks that suit a specific occasion.

If you want to work with a make-up artist, use their portfolio as a chance to see a glimpse of how they work.

#2 Check Their Cleanliness

A good make-up artist knows how to follow proper hygiene. If you’re planning to hire a make-up artist, you should always check the way they follow the right and proper hygienic guidelines.

A professional make-up artist knows that used and unused brushes should be placed separately. They should also be aware that double-dipping on any cream or liquid products is a big no.

Observing the cleanliness of a make-up artist is easy. Just make sure that they sanitize their hands and their products from time to time.

#3 Preparing Your Skin

As the saying goes, every artist begins with a blank canvas, the same goes for the make-up artist that you will choose.

A good make-up artist knows how important it is to prepare the skin first before applying make-up on their client’s face; because as everyone says, skincare is life.

Choose a make-up artist that prioritizes taking care of your skin so you will look fresh and gorgeous the entire day.

You can do proper research for make-up artists’ that makes sure that their client’s skin is well-prep, moisturized, and properly primed before putting on make-up on the subject’s face.

Aside from the things mentioned above, you should also keep in mind to work with a make-up artist that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. A professional make-up artist always knows how to treat their clients well. Simona Janek will make sure to make you look amazing all day. And to complete your aesthetic look during your wedding day, you can always contact Joanne at JRW Bridal & Couture for the best wedding gowns, as she also designs online for brides that are not based in Perth.

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